100+ Best LoFi Drum Loops (Free Download!) (2023)

100+ Best LoFi Drum Loops (Free Download!) (1)

Free Drum Loops To Make LoFi Music!

With the growing popularity of lo-fi music, it’s no surprise that many people are looking for free drum samples online.

There are many websites that offer free drum samples, but most of them are outdated or don’t offer a large variety of samples.

If you are looking for fresh drum samples, we've got you covered with a huge list of freshly-verified sources.

Why would you want to use Drum loops for Lofi?

A drum loop is a section of MIDI data that plays over and over again, and they are an essential part of lo-fi.

It can be programmed to play at a certain pace, with a certain pitch, etc. and create a rhythmic track that can be easily duplicated.

A common use of drum loops is in music production.

Instead of hiring a full band and recording everything from start to finish, it’s possible to just key in a drum loop and let it play repeatedly throughout your songs.

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What is Lo-Fi?

100+ Best LoFi Drum Loops (Free Download!) (2)

The Lo-Fi or ‘lofi’ music genre is a style of recording that’s intentionally lo-fi in quality.

These recordings were made with the intention of capturing a live sound with a ‘lo-fi’ quality.

This might be because the musicians were recording in a small space, using cheap equipment, or both.

Or, it may be that the musicians were recording with a vintage ‘warm’ sound, in order to evoke a vintage vibe in their recordings.

There’s a lot of variety in this style of music. Some lo-fi artists will go to great lengths to achieve the lo-fi sound.

Some lo-fi artists will use vintage equipment to achieve their vintage sound, while otherswill use modern equipment to achieve a modern sound.

Alongside drum loops, make sure you have the best guitar sample packs to help aid you in your Lo-fi production.

100+ Best LoFi Drum Loops You Can Download Right Now

These are the best lo-fi drum loops you can download at a glance:

  1. LoFi Guitar Loops Bundle (Best One!)
  2. Get You To The Moon Free Lo-Fi Hip Hop samples
  3. Sunday Vibes Lofi Beats & Sample Pack
  4. Bigfoot Lofi Drum Loops 2021
  5. Lo-Fi MIDI Drum Pack Sample Kit
  6. Lo-Fi MIDI Chord Collection Sample Kit
  7. Lo-Fi MIDI Melody Chords Sample Kit
  8. Lofi Soul Keys Hip Hop Drum Loop
  9. Remember Lofi Sample Pack
  10. Rainy Daze Lofi Drum Loops

To make things easier, we put all the Sample packs abovein one free download for you:

Can't see the form? Click here.

We all need a good loop from time to time, whether it’s for a song, a video, or just a creative project.

These lo-fi drum loops are perfect for those types of projects.

There’s no need to work with expensive session musicians when you have a drum loop to work with.

These lo-fi drum loops are perfect for anyone looking to create a lo-fi vibe to their project.

(Video) (Free) Lofi Drum Loops #1 - #8

You'll find free drum loops that'll grow your collection of samples to be more diverse than ever before.

There are real drums, synths, alternate instruments, and even vocals in some of these sample packs.

While these free drum loops are inspired by lo-fi, you can grab these to use for other styles such as hip hop, EDM, or pop music.

You'll find a signature lo-fi groove and tempo in these free drum samples that can inspire new hybrid creations producers love.

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buyTHIS sample kit - and you're set for life.

100+ Best LoFi Drum Loops (Free Download!) (4)

This banner above (with this kit) ☝️ is the BEST resource for aspiring producers.

I used to struggle with making beats... Just gazing at the DAW without a clue.

Soon as I discovered this sample pack,all took wasa basic melodyloop, one shot, or drum beat to catchvibes back.

For the price of $17 is the BEST bargain for samples of this quality.

You're set for life, at least in terms of drums - with this ultimate sample pack.

With this kit you'll have access to:

  • 12 Kicks
  • 11 Basses
  • 26Snares/Claps/Hats
  • 14Percs/Loops
  • 22 Synths/Pads
  • 65 Folley/FX

The samples textures in this set are both dar, ethereal and punchy!

I'm happy to say that this sample pack receives my stamp of approval : 9.5/10 rating.

Someday soon, I want to hear the music you created with them.

Check out The UltimatePack -it might just improve your music production process :)

I promise: you DO NOT need to spend a dime on another lofi sample pack.

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100+ Best LoFi Drum Loops (Free Download!) (5)

Bonus Drum Samples You Can Download Right Now

100+ Best LoFi Drum Loops (Free Download!) (6)

Drum samples come in many different varieties. You'll find a free sample pack that'll suit your needs.

There are open hi-hats, closed hats, open rolls, wet sounds, click samples, and everything else in between, meeting today's standards of music production.

The great thing is that you can create any sound you want using these different types of drums.

You might find the right drum loops for your lo-fi song in some of these other packs!

The most important tip when it comes to choosing the right type of drum sample for your track is to focus on vibe, to get the dance floor pumping!

Trap Drum Loops

100+ Best LoFi Drum Loops (Free Download!) (7)

If you want to create trap beats, you should choose trap drum sounds.

(Video) Free Download 12 Lofi Drum Loop // #1

Trap sounds are usually characterized by kicks, snares, and claps, whereas other genres usually use different drum sounds.

Trap drums are usually played with the hi-hats, medium-hats and cowbell, which makes them a lot more common than a lot of people might think.

  1. Apollo 50+ Trap Drum Loops (FREE)
  2. EnBeat Trap Drum Loops (FREE)
  3. Playboi Carti Trap Drum Loops (FREE)

For our full list of free trap drum loops, click here.

There's a free sample pack there for everyone, regardless of you music production style.

Trap drums are characterized by their dark, brooding tone and heavy use of hi-hats and snare rolls.

Most trap drum samples are taken from old-school hip-hop records and can be found in the Roots section of most sample libraries.

Free Midi Drum Loops

100+ Best LoFi Drum Loops (Free Download!) (8)

MIDI loops can be used in a wide variety of ways and are a staple in music production, from adding a quick drum loop in your song to creating an entire track with a drum beat.

These MIDI loops are very easy to use as they are provided as a single MIDI file.

These are perfect for adding a quick drum beat to your song.

  1. Cymatics Lofi Toolkit (FREE)
  2. SampleRadar 587 Free Lo-Fi Hip Hop samples (FREE)
  3. Purple Slush Zero – Free Lofi Beats & Sample Pack (FREE)

For our full list of 1,000+ free midi drum loops, click here.

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Ultimate List of hip hop Drum Loops

100+ Best LoFi Drum Loops (Free Download!) (10)

And if you're looking to amass the absolute biggest collection of drum loops for all genres.

Look no further than our ultimate list of free drum loops.

Here are some from our list.

  1. Iconic Origins Drum Kit
  2. Golden Hip Hop Drum Kit
  3. Sonic Dope Drum Kit
  4. Evolution Hip Hop Drum Kit
  5. Metropolis Hip Hop Drum Kit

See the ultimate list of 100+ free drum loops sample packs.

Whether you're a producer looking to beef up your arsenal, or a musician looking to add some realism to your next song, there's no better place to go for quality loops than right here.

We're continuously adding to this list, so be sure to check back often to stay on top of the latest drum loop releases.

How to Use Drum Loops

100+ Best LoFi Drum Loops (Free Download!) (11)

There’s an endless number of ways you can use drum loops in your music, whether they be in the form of one-shot samples or full drum kits.

You can use them in your project as a tool to give your arrangement that extra something it needs, or you can use them as one component in creating a song.The choice is yours!

You'll first want to download your drum loops. They can come from sample packs or free drum kit libraries.

Once you have them downloaded, you’ll want to import them into your DAW.

Make sure you sync your project to the same BPM as the loop or pick a drum loop that matches the BPM of your project.

This will make your drum loops easier to sync and will give them that professional sound.

Now that they're in your DAW, you're ready to start creating your drum tracks.

(Video) (Free) Lofi Drum Loops #29

In order to create your drum parts, you'll want to use a variety of different techniques.

You could copy and paste from one sample to the next, or use looping software to create long drum parts.

Here's a great tutorial on how to use drum loops:

Can I Use a Free Sample Pack If it's Not Royalty Free?

100+ Best LoFi Drum Loops (Free Download!) (12)

While Royalty Free is the best type of license to acquire, it is not the only one available.

There are many different types of licenses, and you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

Most paid sample packs will be entirely royalty-free.

Free drum loops usually are also royalty-free, but you should be aware that this might not always be the case.

If you're planning on making a major release where you're selling and distributing your music worldwide, it might be smart to make sure that you are using entirely royalty-free samples.

Lots of times though, you can get away with using any type of drum loop or samples if you edit them enough so much so that they are no longer recognizable as the original loop.

Editing a sample can be as complex or as simple as you make it. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should only edit a sample to make it sound better.

There is no need to edit a sample to make it conform to some preset pattern or beat.

You should always realize that the sample is a piece of a song, not the song itself.

The limits are your imagination and creativity!

Do you make good lofi music?

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ultimate midi chord pack: special deal 🔥

100+ Best LoFi Drum Loops (Free Download!) (14)

Don't spend hourscreatingyourchordprogression!

The last thing you want is to find out that you spent two hours playing with the piano roll only to come up with a subpar chord sequence...

To keep your creativity flowing, creating your chord progression should be a quick and simple process.

100+ Best LoFi Drum Loops (Free Download!) (15)

Want to make your MIDIs go from noob to pro? ☝️ (image above)


This is why you'll need the Unison MIDI Chord Pack:

(Video) [FREE] Lofi Drum Samples - these are BOMB! (my Top 5 free lofi drum kits)

You alreadyknowtheroutine:

  • YoustartyourDAW...
  • You Activate thepianoroll...
  • You draw upachordsequence...


So youvisitsometutorialsonYouTube - but Itstillsoundsawful.

Now youexittheDAWanddon'tfinishtheproject.

Don't worry -wehaveallbeenthere.


Check out this straightforward but effective tool, and you'll never again struggle with chord progressions.

It allows more than 100,000 normal producers to quickly create all the bizarre chord progressions they never believed they could.

And I believe you'll like it as well :) tap below to learn more. 👇

100+ Best LoFi Drum Loops (Free Download!) (16)

Why Free Samples Are A must for your sample library

100+ Best LoFi Drum Loops (Free Download!) (17)

There are tons of benefits that come into play when you use free samples and loops, and if you have a big sample library.

Creativity is the most important element - and the more drum samples and (sample packs in general) you have, the better your productions will become.

Samples can be used to give a song a rhythmic feel and structure, play another role as a click track for your recording session, or be simply something to captivate your listeners.

There are tons of ways to use samples in your song-writing workflow, and you can start out by simply grabbing a loop you like, or a drum sound you think will fit your song, and playing it back to yourself over and over again until you have it down pat.

100+ Best LoFi Drum Loops (Free Download!) (18)

This is one of the most common ways to use samples in your songwriting workflow, and it is a great way to build up your creativity and find new sounds that you like.

With the recent surge of people wanting to create music on their own without the help of a producer and the democratization of software that allows anyone to produce a song, it’s easier than ever to get started.

The best thing you can do is get as many samples as possible and work on improving your workflow so that you can quickly create new songs.

Do you make good lofi music?

Submit your song, if I like itthenI'll add it to my Spotify playlist. 👇

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100+ Best LoFi Drum Loops (Free Download!) (20)


What is the best free drum loop? ›

100+ Best Free Drum Loops Sample Packs You Can Download Right Now
  • Unison Starter Pack Rap Sample Pack.
  • Elite Drums Rap Sample Pack.
  • Iconic Boom Bap Rap Sample Pack.
  • Trap MIDI Collection Rap Sample Pack.
  • Trap MIDI Melody Rap Sample Pack.
  • Hip Hop & Rap MIDI Sample Pack.
  • Beatmaker Blueprint Rap Sample Pack.

Where to find good lofi samples? ›

Best Lofi Sample Packs in 2022 for Music Producers
  • Ultimate Lofi Bundle.
  • Ultimate Melodic Library.
  • Lofi Soul Keys.
  • Mellow Mornings – Lofi Vibes.
  • Ambient Motion.
  • Remember – Lofi.
  • 3AM – Lofi Hip-Hop & Bedroom Beats.
  • Lofi Lullabies.
May 3, 2022

What drum is used for lofi? ›

Lofi hip hop often uses dusty drums. These are heavily processed drums that sound like they've been baked over and over again with tons of effects. A good way to create these drums is using low-pass filters, compression, and saturation.

Is it legal to use drum loops? ›

The short answer:

Drumbeats and drum patterns are not typically considered songwriting – it's not typical to copyright a drumbeat. The law makes clear that lyrics, melody, harmony, and rhythm can be copyrighted. Most often, lyrics and melody are afforded protection under the law before the other two.

What is the most famous drum loop? ›

Thanks to the enormous database developed by WhoSampled, we now know that the most sampled drum beat in music history is the iconic drum break from The Winstons' 1969 track, "Amen, Brother." This brief, seven-second long section has become colloquially known as the Amen break, thanks to its sampling in more than 6000 ...

Is lofi music healthy? ›

Lo-fi music helps the front lobe in our brain to focus – those flaws or low hums can also put the brain in the mindset to focus.

What age range is lofi for? ›

LoFi genre tends to be listened to by a younger audience, typically in the 16-24 age group, or in other words, Gen Z.

Who made lofi famous? ›

The Japanese artist Nujabes, often called the "godfather of lofi hip hop", is also credited with driving lofi's growth with his contributions to the soundtrack for the popular anime Samurai Champloo. Another artist also often associated with the development of lofi is US rapper and producer J Dilla.

Does lofi need a melody? ›

The centerpiece of every lofi beat is the melodic loop. Ideally the listener will enjoy it so much that the repeating nature of the loop will be the selling point of the track and not its weakness. It would be an understatement if we told you it is important to get the melody part right.

What is lofi music called? ›

The first official reference to low fidelity as a quality of music was to a particular rock sound evolving in the form of grunge. But today, the term “lo-fi” as a genre of music typically refers to a family of chilled-out hip-hop, also called chillhop.

What bass is best for LoFi? ›

Bassline. A lo-fi favorite is a deep sub-bass. Search for “deep bass” or ”sub” in Instrument presets to find a good one.

What makes a LoFi beat? ›

Lo-fi music refers to a genre of music produced with low-fidelity signals, typically re-creating the hiss, warble and saturation of recordings made with a tape machine. Most lo-fi music draws on hip-hop influences—especially its typical drum patterns.

Can a drum play a note? ›

In conclusion, drums do have notes, but they're not the same notes that all the other instruments use. While other instruments have melodic notes, drums only have rhythmic notes. These rhythmic notes are broken down into subdivisions and laid out on a bar when a percussion clef is used.

Can you drum and sing? ›

The prospect of having to sing and play the drums simultaneously is seemingly unthinkable, but that's hardly true! Roger Taylor from the legendary band, Queen, would say otherwise. To play the drums and sing simultaneously, you'd need to invest a lot of time and effort into your practice sessions.

Can 808 be copyrighted? ›

Yes, it is still copyrighted.

What is the hardest drum to play? ›

Jazz – why Jazz is the hardest style of drumming

We all start by learning how to play a basic rock beat instead of learning how to play a basic swing pattern. We're trained from the start to only consider playing jazz at a later stage.

What is the biggest drum ever? ›

The Purdue Big Bass Drum is a percussion instrument played by the All-American Marching Band of Purdue University. At a height of over ten feet (3 m) when the carriage is included, it is branded by Purdue as the "World's Largest Drum".

Does lofi help adhd? ›

Music can be incredibly helpful for people with ADHD, but that comes with stipulations. For example, listening to binaural audio, background music without vocals, or chill electronic music like lo-fi hip hop can help ADHDers with focus and concentration.

Why is lofi girl so popular? ›

“The music in Lofi Girl does not feature lyrics, so it does not take your attention away, especially for those who are reading and writing,” he noted, adding that the channel's repeated tracks made it predictable, minimising distraction.

How tall is the Lofi Girl? ›

5 inches long and 2.5 inches tall, the lofi girl makes a reappearance in her sleepy state, made famous in the 24/7 music stream lofi hip hop radio - beats to sleep/chill to.

Who is lofi in real life? ›

The channel began using the Lofi Girl for its streams in March 2018. Dimitri originally used the character Shizuku Tsukishima from the Studio Ghibli film Whisper of the Heart (1995) as the face of the channel, with footage of her studying or writing used in the streams.

Who is father of lofi? ›

The variation really took off when Japanese music producer Nujabes, often touted as the father of lo-fi, redefined the sound for the popular anime, Samurai Champloo in 2004.

Is lofi still popular? ›

Lofi hip-hop is here to stay. The instrumental blend of traditional hip-hop and jazz has notably made its mark on Spotify, where the “Lofi Fruits” playlist by indie record label Strange Fruits Music alone attracts almost four million followers seeking mellow beats to help them focus, study, relax and sleep.

Why is lofi Japanese? ›

Lofi was born in the 1980s when DIY 'bedroom' musicians made unique sounds without the use of specialist recording equipment. After Japan's Nujabes – famed as 'the King of Lofi' – created the lofi soundtrack to the action anime Samurai Champloo in 2004: Lo-fi exploded. What is this?

What is Hi Fi vs Lo Fi? ›

This word explains the level of detail and functionality that the design has. Fidelity can vary in content, visuals, and interactivity. Low fidelity design typically has the basic elements of the final design, while high fidelity looks as close as possible to the final design.

Does lofi count as jazz? ›

No. It is not. Lo-Fi is not the smooth jazz of the generation.

What chords are used in LOFI? ›

Lofi music is usually in a major key, though it utilizes minor and extended chords. There are no hard and fast rules, however-- Lofi music can be in any key so long as it upholds the sound design of the genre.

Does lofi help you sleep? ›

Improves sleep

As energizing and spirit-lifting as lo-fi beats may be, it can also help with resting or falling asleep faster or better. With its relaxing music, lo-fi sleep music has become a trend, as people listen to its rhythmic, dreamy beats that make one feel warm and comfortable.

What art style is lofi? ›

Lo-Fi art is an aesthetics which often take on the color palette of Vaporwave and the imagery associated with Anime aesthetics, then utilize various Vintage-inspired tones and filters with some specific color palette weather in a cooler,warmer expression or both combine .

Why is lofi calming? ›

Most lo-fi tunes are instrumental, influenced by genres like boom-bap, jazz, funk, and electro. Tracks use hip-hop beats and looped samples to evoke positive emotions, feelings of relaxation, and nostalgia. They also often include the sound of animals, nature, the sea, disco noise, or other recordings from daily life.

Where can I get the best free loops? ›

10 Sites To Get Free Audio Loops & Samples
  • Free Sound Org. Definitely, my favorite place when it comes to looking for samples. ...
  • FreeSound. Collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds. ...
  • Freeloops. Lots of free loops here. ...
  • Syntopia – Free Section. ...
  • Loopport. ...
  • Music Radar. ...
  • Acapellas4U. ...
  • AudioJungle.

Where can I find good free loops? ›

  • SampleRadar.
  • LANDR.
  • BBC Sound Effects.
  • SampleFocus.
  • Bedroom Producers' Blog Sample Archive.
  • SampleSwap.
  • FreeSound.org.
  • LooperMan.
Sep 24, 2019

Is Loopcloud drum free? ›

How Can I Get Loopcloud DRUM? DRUM is included with the fully-featured free 30-day Loopcloud trial, and with all Loopcloud subscriptions. Loopcloud is available from only £5.99 / €6.99 / $7.99 per month.

Where can I get free drum tracks? ›

So, here are our top picks for websites that offer free drum loops…
  • Free Sample Packs. Free Sample Packs. ...
  • Looperman. Looperman. ...
  • LANDR. LANDR. ...
  • Free Drum Loops (Best For Unusual Loops) Free Drum Loops. ...
  • Drum Tracks. ...
  • Judd Madden. ...
  • Drumwerks.

Is it OK to use loops in music? ›

As long as you're making an effort to use the loop in a way that feels unique to your sound, there's nothing wrong with having them in your songs.

Is using loops copyright? ›

Anyone who creates original musical material – whether that's whole songs, backing loops, or even just one-second samples for other people to use – owns the copyright for everything they make, meaning that you can't use it without permission.

Can I sell beats with royalty free loops? ›

For the avoidance of any doubt, you are not allowed to sell, distribute, sublicense or in any other way transfer or grant any rights to the loops or sound packs of the app, as is, to any third party, or use them in another similar app.

Can I use Soundtrap loops legally? ›

Soundtrap loops and sounds are royalty free. However - it is not allowed to take an individual loop and share/distribute it without adding your own music to it.

Is melody loops free? ›

Inside this free melody loop pack, you'll find over 44 unique loops and melodies we created to help you step outside of your comfort zone as a producer. This pack is inspired by today's Hip-hop and Rnb music.

Where can I download samples for free? ›

Best websites for free music samples in 2023
  • Looperman. Looperman is a website where everyone can download or upload samples for free. ...
  • Production Music Live. ...
  • W.A. Production. ...
  • NASA Audio Collection. ...
  • Freesound. ...
  • SampleSwap. ...
  • Cymatics. ...
  • SampleSound.
Feb 16, 2023

Is Real drum free? ›

The app is free but you can remove the ads and get the premium version by purchasing a licence. Perfect for drummers, percussionists, professional musicians, amateurs or beginners.

Is Drumbit free? ›

5 stars because it's free.

To the developer: thank you for this great resource. It's a good and useful app for my guitar practice.

Is we drum free? ›

WeDrum is free real drum set simulator games that hold all types of electric drums required by a true drummer! This music games lets you play on the electric drum kit with drums sticks right along with a pianist, guitarist and even a singer! No prior drum lessons necessary!

Is EZ drummer free? ›

Unfortunately not, there is no free version of EZdrummer 3, nor is there a trial or demo version.

What is the most sampled drum track ever? ›

The Amen break is a drum break that has been widely sampled in popular music. It comes from the 1969 track "Amen, Brother" by the soul group the Winstons, released as the B-side of the 1969 single "Color Him Father".

What are the best drum tracks? ›

The Best Drum Songs of All Time
  • 1) In The Air Tonight – Phil Collins (Drummer: Phil Collins)
  • 2) Take Five – Dave Brubeck Quartet (Drummer: Joe Morello)
  • 3) Sunshine of Your Love – Cream (Drummer: Ginger Baker)
  • 4) 21st Century Schizoid Man – King Crimson (Drummer: Michael Giles)
Jan 21, 2022


1. LOFI DRUM LOOPS [ Free Download ] lofi hiphop drum loop | vol:14
(EnBeat Tube)
3. LOFI DRUM LOOPS 2021 | lofi hiphop drum loop | Free Download | Brooklyn
(Master Producer)
4. LOFI DRUM LOOPS 2021 | lofi hiphop drum loop ( Free Download )| ep17
(Master Producer)
5. LOFI DRUM LOOP ~LoFi Drum Loop FREE | Lofi drum loop 2021, new drum loop sample for free 2021
(Nostalgic Radio Myxx)
(EnBeat Tube)


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