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April 12, 2017 by Mark Chua in Lounge, Aviation

The SilverKris Lounge in Changi Airport is reserved for Star Alliance passengers travelling on Business and First Class (there are separate lounges within the lounge itself) as well as esteemed Solitaire PPS Club members. If you are a KrisFlyer Gold Elite (or Star Alliance Gold) member traveling in Economy or Premium Economy class, you will have to make your way down to the KrisFlyer Gold Lounge (which does not stock Champagne) instead. While I have been to the SilverKris Lounge in Terminals 2 and 3 on multiple occasion, I have never been quite motivated to write a review for multiple reasons. The first reason is simply because the lounge has been covered umpteen times by travellers and the second reason (which probably applies to me more) is because the SilverKris Lounge has always been incredibly busy every time I visited.

Click HERE for a Guide to Obtaining Elite Status with Singapore Airlines' KrisFlyer Program!

I recently traveled to Taipei on EVA Air's Royal Laurel Class (which is equivalent to Business Class) from Singapore and since it does not have a dedicated lounge in Singapore, passengers travelling in Royal Laurel Class will be invited to use the SilverKris Lounge at Terminal 3 instead. The flight was scheduled to depart in the morning and since I had a complimentary limousine transfer from OCBC Bank (for spending more than S$5,000 in a month on my OCBC VOYAGE Card), I have decided to head down to the airport slightly earlier to sip champagne. After checking-in through the dedicated desk for Infinity MileageLands Diamond members and Royal Laurel passengers, I made my way down to the SilverKris Lounge in Terminal 3 of the Singapore Changi Airport to start my vacation on the right note.

There are three areas in the SilverKris Lounge (Terminal 3) - the Business Class Lounge, the First Class Lounge and the exclusive and often talked-about Private Room (which I had access previously on my flight to Auckland). Since I was traveling in Business Class, I made a left upon entering and found myself in a relatively quiet lounge (which was a first for me!) - it was then that I decided to take some photos for a feature.

There are various seating areas in the Business area of the SilverKris Lounge (Terminal 3) - in fact I noticed that some passengers have taken the liberty to sleep on the comfortable sofas here (honestly, the Aerotel Singapore offers a great room to rest even if you are on a budget - you do not even have to get through immigration). I do like that there are different areas in the lounge which caters to different travellers - if you are a solo traveller and you prefer some alone time, there are plenty of seats that will give you enough privacy to do your work or catch up on some sleep. Conversely, there are also various configurations that cater to families and friends who are travelling together.

Since I got to the SilverKris Lounge (Terminal 3) at approximately 11:30AM, lunch options were already offered (breakfast tends to be the least impressive meal service) and there was a variety of dishes that cater to different palates - I woke up to a Laksa-craving that very morning so I was extremely excited to see that Laksa was offered as part of the buffet spread (see photo below!).

Surprisingly the laksa here at the SilverKris Lounge (Terminal 3) was quite decent - the gravy itself packs a punch and the generous ingredients (which you can add yourself) add to that satisfaction. Obviously there are no cockles here so do not come here expecting an honest rendition of 328 Katong Laksa. The hot station also changes from time to time - I understand that they serve prawn noodles sometimes as well.

If you are looking for something a little more substantial (because Laksa is really more of a tummy-stuffer for us hungry Singaporeans), you will also find a good selection of hot dishes here. I was pretty pleased to find Cantonese-style soups here at the lounge until I have tasted it - the best soup in an airport lounge has got to be from the EVA Air Lounge at the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.

If you are feeling thirsty (and you should!), there is plenty of beverages to select from here. In case you were wondering,Charles Heidsieck Champagne is served here in the Business Lounge of the SilverKris Lounge (Terminal 3) - this is what you get onboard Business Class on Singapore Airlines as well. As some travellers may have already pointed out, it is now available upon request only - there is a sign there to tell you exactly that and while some travellers have found this change to be a cost-cutting measure, I am fairly supportive of this as it generally ensures that the Champagne is kept properly without going flat.

Of course, if champagne does not appeal to you (in which case, you and I need to have a discussion), you may select from a variety of TWG Tea bags, the coffee machine and a hot chocolate machine even. I did not bother with any of those since EVA Air (and Singapore Airlines) serves decent illy espressos in Royal Laurel (and Business in SQ).

There is also a selection of hard liquors and spirits here at the SilverKris Lounge (these are also available during breakfast service so do not feel ashamed to reach for a bottle if required or desired). If you enjoy beer, you may also pour yourself one from a draft system here at the lounge.

Now that Joseph Schooling has won an Olympic Gold Medal and Singapore Airlines has graciously offered him a million KrisFlyer Miles and three years' worth of KrisFlyer Gold Elite Status (check out this hilarious piece from Aaron of Milelion!), you will also find an autographed polo t-shirt here at the SilverKris Lounge.

If you have not embraced modern technology like the rest of the world, you will also find magazines and newspapers here at the SilverKris Lounge (Terminal 3). There is actually quite a wide selection that ranges from fashion to cars and even photography!

The SilverKris Lounge (Terminal 3) here at the Singapore Changi Airport is a great lounge to be in - it is also something that I personally look forward to each time I fly on Business Class or First Class with a Star Alliance carrier. With that being said, I can't help but to feel like something is lacking here - it is great but not exceedingly spectacular (especially when you consider Changi Airport to be the 'homeground' of Singapore Airlines).


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